Aldi’s New Gluten Free products and their nutritional information

Published on July 24, 2014 By Lauren

I announced earlier today that Aldi is testing out a new gluten free line of food in their stores called “live Gfree’.  It is a special buy right now, meaning they are there only for a limited time and hopefully if people buy enough of it they will stay there permanently.

These products seem to be all labeled as ‘Certified as Gluten free’.

I went today to take some pictures of the nutritional labels for you all. I know that many people who cannot tolerate gluten, also cannot tolerate dairy and may have other food allergies. I tried to get the best pictures I could of all the labels, so I hope this helps you figure out what you can and cannot eat.  (To zoom in on the pictures, just click on one and it will get larger).

You can also view their whole Gluten Free product line nutrition information HERE.

Let us know which one you’ve tried and liked so far!