How to Clean Your Refrigerator – in 30 Minutes or Less!

Published on December 29, 2013 By Lauren

Is your fridge SO dirty that you can’t even stand to look at it anymore?  I totally understand because mine was always the last place that I wanted to clean, UNTIL I figured out how to do it in 30 minutes or less!  This takes some energy, because for this half hour you will be working your tail off, BUT it’s worth it!

Here is how to clean your refrigerator in 30 minutes or less.

This was my before picture – I hesitated to share this because it really was disgusting!  I don’t think it had been deep cleaned in almost 10 months *GASP*.  I have a deep freezer in my basement for my stockpile goods; this one is just for the every day type of frozen items.

I started off by quickly taking everything out of it and making two piles. One pile to throw out and one pile to keep.  While I did this, my husband emptied all of the containers of old food in tupperware bins and stuck them in the dishwasher.

{Should take three minutes}

Then take out all of the shelves that you can remove, including the glass or plastic pieces that lay on top of these.  Put the shelves in your kitchen sink filled with warm water, and let the faucet run over them for as long as you can.  Spray the inside of the fridge down with a homemade kitchen cleaning spray, let sit.

{Should take six minutes}

While you are letting the cleaner work, take a butter knife and/or toothpick and scrape off any pieces of food that are in the cracks of the shelves and drawers.  Finish by scrubbing the inside of the fridge with the scrubby part of a double sided sponge.

{Should take seven minutes}

Then tackle the dirty shelves and drawers.  Since they’ve been under hot water for the past few minutes, they should be easy to scrub. I just use water since it takes less time to rinse.  Scrub them with a wet clean sponge, using the rough side when needed.

{Should take seven minutes}

Place all shelves back into the fridge, and put plastic placemats on the bottom of all shelves.  I used my kids old painting placemats this time but I have another set of prettier ones.  I like having two sets because when one is dirty I just stick it in the dishwasher and replace with a clean one.

{Should take three minutes}

Rearrange the items in your freezer and throw out any old food.

{Should take three minutes}

Last step – throw away your old food pile that you have on your counter and shine the front of your fridge with my homemade stainless steel cleaner.

{Should take two minutes}

And voila – there you have it.  A clean fridge in 30 minutes or less.  You might have sweat dripping off your brow, but it is DONE and you don’t have to think about it for another 10 months….:)


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