Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Published on January 4, 2014 By Lauren

Here is a collection of 25 Religious Easter Coloring Pages designed to gives kids – and some adults – a fun lesson in what the day is all about.

Easter Coloring Pages

So what is Easter all about? Lost in all the hubbub surrounding the Easter Bunny, painted eggs, and marshmallow Peeps is the fact that Easter is, at its heart, a religious holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. With holidays like Easter and Christmas specifically, it is easy for the true meaning of the holiday to get drowned out a little bit.

Now, I’m not against Easter baskets, eggs, candy, or any of that. I LOVE IT! But, it is important to celebrate and remember the Resurrection as well. Both can be fun and memorable parts of the Easter Tradition.

25+ Easter Coloring Pages to Print

  1. Empty Tomb
  2. Palm Sunday with Jesus on a donkey
  3. He Is Risen
  4. Flowers on the Cross
  5. Jesus on Emmaus Road
  6. Angels
  7. Church
  8. Cross
  9. Easter Blessing with 3 Crosses
  10. He Is Risen Stained-Glass Window
  11. Jesus Loves Me with 3 Crosses
  12. Jesus Resurrection
  13. Jesus Is Alive Cross
  14. He’s Alive Tomb
  15. Palm Sunday with Jesus on a donkey
  16. Jesus Is Risen with Cross and Bunny
  17. Rejoice
  18. Alleluia
  19. Resurrection
  20. Savior
  21. The Light of the World
  22. Happy Easter Cross
  23. Ascension of Christ
  24. Jesus Carrying Cross
  25. Cross with Butterflies
  26. Here’s even more!

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  • I’m taking care of a few of my grandkids…how wonderful to find your templates, as I really wanted to give them something to do that would reinforce their understanding of the real meaning of Easter! ( we have plenty of the “fun” bunny and eggs stuff already) Thank you very much!!!

  • MMMMMWWWWAAAAAAA!!!!!!! YOU!!! You have selflessly shared with us less than imaginative types, a WONDERFUL resource! I can not thank you enough. Blessings on your eyes sister!

  • It is so hard to find free and easy printables that convey the real message of Easter Thank you for making Sunday School coloring a little easier.

  • Thank you for these. FYI, about 1/2 of the links no longer work.

    Blessings to you this Resurrection Sunday!

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