The Secret Addiction of Gambling: How Jeff and Brian lost it all due to this addiction and how they recovered!

Published on February 7, 2022 By Lauren

In this episode of the Hard Money Talks Show, we are discussing one secret addiction, Gambling. Today we talk to Jeff and Brian – both recovering gambling addicts who lost it all. They are the hosts of ‘All In: The Addicted Gamblers Podcast.’ We unpack this hidden addiction, the warning signs, how it can be hidden from spouses, and how to recover.

The Secret Addiction of Gambling

Here are the links talked about in this episode:

  • Listen to Jeff and Brian’s podcast here.
  • Find Jeff on Twitter here.
  • If you or someone you love needs help with gambling, call the national gambling hotline here.
Members of Jeff’s support group are provided with links to meetings through a members-only chat in WhatsApp. Links are not posted online in order to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining safe and secure meetings. Any person with a desire to stop gambling is free to join his group and can contact Jeff on Twitter for more information.


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The Secret Addiction of Gambling

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The Secret Addiction of Gambling


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